How will mobility change?

We believe that micro-vehicles will play a key role, especially in bridging the “first-last mile”. The SITDRIVER project has set itself the goal of developing a smart, multifunctional micro-vehicle which becomes part of a seamless transport concept for the future.


In 2023 the SITDRIVER is a prototype in preproduction stage. Market-ready version is coming closer.

Connecting private and public mobility

The Sitdriver will be a new type of vehicle.
Unrivaled worldwide, changeable and multifunctional.

It can be combined with other modes of public transport e.g. in trains, busses etc. there even as a separate seat. It will be foldable to the size of a trolley and can also be taken in a private vehicle.

The powertrain operates with pedals/battery – or in the future supported by hydrogen!

sustainable-development-goal 8
sustainable-development-goal 9
SDG 11
seamless mobility connectivity

Coming up: a hydrogen version – the future drive technology

Mobility applications/potential

The Sitdriver will be a convertible with numerous individual applications for all generations – and disruptive: by all-in-one. It can be used as a separate seat in means of transport and at events of all kinds, as a transport and aid for leisure time and everyday life.

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We have reached many milestones, but we still have many goals ahead


Drawing and designing

First technical drawings of the possible specifications. Numerous features are already patent pending.

Construction and prototyping

How compact can we make it?
The optimizing process is well underway – with continuous refinements and improvements in size and weight.

Press coverage

The media have covered the conception of the Sitdriver since the beginning.

Pat. pending. The clips, photos and illustrations show our work in progress – not the final design.

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