In which ways is mobility changing?

We believe that micro-vehicles will play a key role, especially in bridging the “first-last mile”.
Our SITDRIVER achieves the goals of smart mobility by its unique multifunction. It is scheduled for autumn 2021.

The SitDriver is a new type of vehicle – it is a one of a kind multifunctional mode of transport. It can be combined with other modes of transport e.g. in trains, busses etc. there even as a separate seat. It is foldable to the size of a trolley and can also be transported in a private vehicle. The powertrain operates with pedals/battery or in the future supported by hydrogen.

Discover new ways of mobility

Commuter version
GolfCart and trolley
Senior version

3D modelling

Not final



A first technical drawing

Test riding

An XL prototype, September 2020



How compact can we make it?
The optimizing process is well underway – with continuous refinements and improvements in size and weight.

Connecting private and public mobility

Docking im Trägerfahrzeug
Conceivable docking layouts / variable spacing
The range extender
Book online, reserve your space, bring your own seat and dock in: connectivity of the future

Coming up: a hydrogen version – the future drive technology


There is energy in abundance: From renewable energies green electricity can be generated.
In this context, hydrogen can be thought of as temporary storage. It reaches the consumer via pipelines or tank trucks and is available decentrally for mobility use.

Hydrogen will be the fuel of the future and step by step it will replace all current fossil fuels. In France, there are already technological developments in the bicycle sector we will envisage for the SitDriver, too.

The all-in-one vehicle

Trolley function

sitdriver_3 weather protection

Weather protection


Docking mechanism

Pat. pending. The clips, photos and illustrations show our work in progress – not the final design.

sustainable-development-goal 8
sustainable-development-goal 9
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