Our Background

Sitdriv GmbH was founded by Günter Rood in Wuppertal, Germany in August 2018 in order to develop and bring to market a new vehicle for seamless mobility: the Sitdriver.

In autumn 2023,  we are in the midst of a process of connecting players in a growing network of European specialists. 

Several patents are already pending – technical research as well as budgeting and financial plannings are well underway. 

Günter Rood

Personal Profile

Born in 1951 in Wuppertal-Ronsdorf
deeply-rooted in the  region with a worldwide export and innovation tradition;

2 grown-up children, 2 grand children


German (Native Speaker), English (Fluent), French (Basic)

Activities and interests

Walking – skiing – alternative / preventive medicine (geriatrics physical/mental…)
football/soccer – learning e.g. different thinking / mentalities / cultures


Living self-determining, holistic, respecting others,
under the aspects of: ecology – economy – ecopolitics =
making politics “bottom up”
for the future of our planet

Social influencer/guides

John Ruskin
Robert Bosch
Prof. Pentland
Karl-Heinz Böhm
Hans Küng

From tradition to innovation: Guenter Rood's life as entrepreneur

The context

The Sitdriv GmbH is part of a cluster of projects of Günter Rood – running under the name ViidooR. 

Sitdriv GmbH

Founded October 2018 Seamless mobility – first and last mile / Pat. pending

future project

Residences for gene­­rations in Romania

future project

Packaging system to reduce plastics

future project

Local, ecological food
Feasibility studies to come

future project

Access to clean water and supply of clean drinking water
Feasibility studies to come

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